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SON Updates Week of August 24: Fall 2020 Student Commitments and Campus Protocols

Dear School of Nursing Students,  

Protecting the health of Penn Students, Faculty, and Staff and our Philadelphia community and patients is a public health responsibility that we are all required to uphold. In response to this, the University of Pennsylvania has shared its established Student Campus Compact and Penn Nursing has shared its established Student COVID-19 Related Nursing Clinical Compact. Please read the important reminders and updates outlined below:  

·       University Student Campus Compact: Penn is committed to ensuring the health and wellbeing of students and those with whom they interact. We expect all students to follow public health guidelines for wearing masks, physical distancing, etc. Penn has created many new services and safety nets to help keep the members of our community safe, including the student campus compact, the Student COVID-19 Related Clinical Compact, and the PennOpen Pass.  

·       UPDATE: Penn Nursing Student COVID-19 Related Clinical Compact: The University Student Campus Compact and the School of Nursing Student COVID-19 Related Clinical Compact both discourage travel for personal reasons. The School of Nursing Student COVID-19 Related Clinical Compact is being amended to include a required agreement for students to report all non-academic personal travel as soon as possible but no later than one week before travel to nursenet@nursing.upenn.edu.  

§  Note* If you have already submitted this compact, you will receive a notification to re-review and re-submit. This will require your e-signature and submission before being allowed to return to clinical or simulation experiences for the fall semester. 

·       PennOpen Pass: As a reminder, all students must perform daily symptom checks using PennOpen Pass before the start of each day, regardless of whether they are reporting to campus on that particular day. Making this a habit early on will make it easier as the semester progresses. Students are required to show the pass when entering Fagin Hall or to their clinical instructor/preceptor upon arrival to their clinical site. Learn more online about PennOpen Pass and to view the implementation toolkit.  

·       Student Campus Compact concern or alleged violation: An online form has been created that members of the Penn community may use to report concern of alleged violation of the student campus compact. If you overhear conversations about individuals travelling or gathering in large groups or you observe something first-hand, you can complete this anonymous survey to help keep others safe. 

·       COVID-19 student testing: The University’s Student Health Services is testing ALL ABSN, BSN, MSN, and DNP students who will be in simulation and clinical in Fall 2020. Please review this online website and schedule your appointment ASAP if you haven’t already done so.  The testing site can accommodate over 350+ students per day. 

·       Penn Wellness: The University’s Wellness Services COVID-19 FAQ has important information and clarification on the following topics: quarantining before arrival to campus, testing, contact tracing, isolation/quarantine, PennOpen Pass, and Campus Life. Learn more online at wellness.upenn.edu/coronavirus/

·       Learning From Address: With students studying from locations across the globe this fall, timely and accurate student address information is more important than ever. Within the next week, you will be prompted and required to confirm or update your address information when you log in to Penn InTouch. The Learning-From Address was made available to all students in Penn InTouch on August 12, 2020. 

·       Civic Engagement is a Social Justice Issue: We all have the power to shape policy and the allocation of federal funding by registering to vote and completing the census. To facilitate the process the School of Nursing Office of Community Engagement has created a Canvas “course” that will appear on your Canvas home page that will take you to voter registration and census completion and provide you with a lot of information. The goal is that 100% of nursing students will complete the census, register to vote and then VOTE on election day. The timeline is short. We must all accept our responsibility to GET CIVIC!!  Any questions, please reach out to Dr. Terri Lipman, Assistant Dean for Community Engagement at lipman@nursing.upenn.edu.  

·        Fall Student Hours: Fall Student Hours will begin Wednesday, September 2 and be offered weekly at 4:30 p.m. EST on Wednesdays. As a reminder, all nursing students are invited to sign on to ask any question they might have, get an answer, and either stay to listen to remaining Q&A, or sign off until next time.  


Please know that we are available for virtual appointments or by email. You can find a full listing of departmental contacts online here.   

Be well and stay safe as we begin the Fall 2020 semester!




Christina M. Costanzo, EdD
Assistant Dean for Admissions & Academic Affairs