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A Message from Dean Villarruel to Penn Nursing Students

Dear Students,

We find ourselves in extraordinary circumstances, and it is difficult to fully express just how grateful and proud I am of all of you and how you have responded to the rapid changes in your routines. From the depopulation of campus, to the shift to remote learning, to the news about Commencement—these are challenging times, and it is a true testament to the great spirit and talent in all of you that you have remained flexible and positive as we navigate these uncharted waters together. You have been exceptionally resilient, and I thank you.

Resiliency is something that is at the core of nursing. We learn to operate in stressful situations. That is just what nurses do—and so do Penn Nursing students. I know that you are working hard and will continue to do so, even under these changed circumstances. For our part, Penn Nursing remains fully committed to your education, to giving you the best experience that we can, both inside and outside the (virtual) classroom. We expect next week to be quite busy as we move forward and begin delivering education online, and, with all of us working together, we will succeed as we always do.

I know that this is not the way that you envisioned the final weeks of the semester, but please know that we are all thinking of you and working behind the scenes to make this interruption and transition as painless as it can possibly be. Additionally, we are looking at creative options to bring Commencement and the festivities of the graduation season to you. More on that will be coming soon.

Finally, please remember that, together, we are the Power of Penn, and the power behind Penn Nursing. You are part of a caring community that is committed to your success, no matter the challenges!

Thank you, again. Be well, and take good care.



Dean Villarruel


Antonia M. Villarruel, PhD, RN, FAAN

Professor and Margaret Bond Simon Dean of Nursing