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Contact Tracing: Penn Public Health

Penn Public Health is looking for people to help out with contact tracing. The need is extremely high and urgent.

We are looking for people who have strong interpersonal skills, who will be comfortable conducting phone interviews to with patients who tested positive for COVID and/or people they have been in contact with over the last couple of weeks. We are also looking for a select few people who are highly detail oriented that can help with logistics, but the broader ask is for contact tracers. 

We’re hoping to have people that can commit to ~2 hours/day, ~5 days a week (i.e., a steady commitment everyday) for at least the next 6-8 weeks. If they have ~5 hours, twice a week though we could work to only assign them cases on those days. What we don’t want are people with sporadic or constantly shift availability because that makes it really hard to schedule calls. 

Here is the link you can use if someone is interested in volunteering: https://forms.gle/QxXpiFQ9gPfb2Jgo7.