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Technology Prep Checklist


Remote and hybrid courses at Penn Nursing use two main platforms: Canvas for the course site and asynchronous class time and BlueJeans for synchronous class time. Please read through the following recommendations for these platforms.

 1: Evaluate your device.

Faculty and students can participate in remote and hybrid courses using a PC or MAC desktop or laptop. In general, computers that are three years old or younger should be fine for remote courses. Even though app versions exist of several platforms used in remote classes, you should not rely solely on a tablet or smartphone. Your computer should also be equipped with a webcam for synchronous BlueJeans sessions as shown below.

Entering the BlueJeans meeting session through the BlueJeans applicationEntering the BlueJeans meeting session through the BlueJeans application









Inside the BlueJeans meeting with screen sharing function utilizedInside the BlueJeans meeting with screen sharing function utilized











To download the BlueJeans application to your computer (recommended for best user experience), please select the appropriate download option for your system found on the page linked here. 

Note: BlueJeans Version 2.15 or greater is needed for certain moderator-specific functions, such as the newly updated breakout rooms.

 2: Update everything!

Update your operating system and preferred browser(s). To test whether you have the most up-to-date version of your browser, visit www.whatsmybrowser.org







 3: Check your internet connection.

Faculty and students need a strong internet connection with a minimum of 1 Mbps download speed. For the best experience, use an ethernet (wired) internet connection. Public WiFi is rarely adequate. Use “Speed Test” websites or apps to determine the strength of your internet connection. Cellular connections (4G LTE, etc.) may not be fast or stable enough for a smooth class experience.









 4: Have a preferred and a backup browser.

Chrome and Firefox are the best all-around browsers for the platforms used in Penn remote classes. Often switching between browsers can help resolve issues, so it is recommended that you have more than one up-to-date browser on your computer. Safari may also work, but Internet Explorer is not recommended.








 5: Be aware of download requirements.

Canvas is web-based and does not require any downloads. BlueJeans is web-based with an optional download for participants and moderators (download required for mobile participants only). Downloads are sometimes an issue if you are using a work or shared computer to access course tools, so you may need to involve your local IT professional in the setup process.








 6: Recommended: Use alternatives to your built-in computer microphone and speakers.

For the best possible classroom experience in BlueJeans, use an external device with a microphone, like smartphone earbuds with a built-in microphone or other alternatives.  









Considering purchasing a new computer or smartphone soon?

Penn Information Systems & Computing publishes a yearly guide for faculty, students, and staff who are purchasing devices to ensure they are compatible with Penn’s computing environment. View the guide for desktop and laptop/notebook computers, or mobile devices.



 Adapted from: System Requirements, Penn Arts & Sciences