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Information Technology Services (ITS) offers equipment, software, facilities, and training to support our staff. Current staff can access Penn Canvas, research applications available on the Virtual Desktop, and manage their accounts below. Incoming staff can request a School of Nursing account and learn about the services ITS provides under “More Services”. 

Penn Canvas | Virtual DesktopSoftware Training | Help  

login: PennKey                   login: 

          your nursing password

 More Services

Your Accounts at Penn
At the School of Nursing, users have three different accounts: 
  • PennKey – Your PennKey username and password are required to access many of the University’s electronic services.

           Learn more about PennKey or reset your PennKey password

  • PennO365 Email Account – Penn Nursing uses PennO365 system for email accounts.

          Learn more about Penn0365 or reset your PennO365 password.

  • School of Nursing Account – Your Nursing username and password are required to access network resources within Penn Nursing.

          Learn more about School of Nursing accounts or reset your Nursing password.

Getting Connected
New Hires 

(PennKey username and password required)


Current Staff 
Academic Learning & Support Services


Desktop & Support Services

All full-time staff (including research staff) will receive a standard desktop configuration, which includes a Windows or Mac computer with access to a network printer provided by the ITS Department. Additionally, full-time staff receive free access to Office365 products and free or discounted access to other software provided by ITS. 

All part-time permanent staff receive a computer provided by the ITS Department.  These employees are classified as part-time employees who have had a job posted and currently have a position inventory number within Pennworks.

Temporary employees may receive a computer at the discretion of the ITS Department and in consultation with their supervisor.   

Purchasing a new computer or smartphone? View the Penn guides for desktop and laptop/notebook computers, or mobile devices to make sure it is compatible with our software. Install antivirus protection. 

Need something else? Fill out the Resource Request Form or contact the ITS Service Desk.


Data Privacy & Security



For more information, contact the ITS Service Desk.