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School of Nursing’s VPN

Mac VPN Installation Instructions:

Browse to the website to download the application.

Click on Download Mac 32/64 bit GlobalProtect agent.




















This will download a file named GlobalProtect.pkg; double click the file to begin downloading.















Select “Continue” to proceed through the installation.

You may need to approve kernel extensions in order for the GlobalProtect VPN client to function normally. If this happens, you will be prompted with a dialog box like the one below. Select “Open Security Preferences.”








This will open your System Preferences dialog box. At the bottom of the Dialog box you will see that what you are downloading was blocked from loading. Please select Allow.


















Once the application is installed you will see an icon appear in the top right of your screen and the icon will have a picture of a globe. When you open the application, you will need to provide the Portal address:












 You will then click on Connect.

Once you successfully log in with your School of Nursing credentials, the Globe icon should say connected.



Once you are connected, you can now remotely access your School of Nursing desktop as you normally do.









Windows VPN Installation Instructions:

In the address bar of your preferred browser, type in the following address:

Enter your School of Nursing username & password












You will now see the screen below:

Select Download Windows 64 bit GlobalProtect agent












Once the download finishes, you will now see the screen below

Click Next and accept the defaults, hitting Next at each screen












 Once the installation completes, click Close













You will now see the following screen, type in

and click Connect










Enter your School of Nursing credentials below and click Sign In:









You will now see the screen below: 









 Once you see the screen below, you are connect to the VPN








Now you can use Remote Desktop to access your desktop










 School of Nursing’s VPN Upgrade