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ITS Computing Policy


This policy defines the access to and retention of all systems, accounts, and data, maintained in systems owned by ITS or for which ITS is responsible; including commuter equipment purchased through School of Nursing accounts. We are encouraged by Penn to apply their support and security polices and best practices. 


The retention policy applies to all electronic records stored on systems at the School of Nursing and computer equipment purchased using university’s funds.


For the purposes of this policy, unless otherwise stated, the following definitions shall apply:


University of Pennsylvania


University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing


Information Technology Services at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing


Any device, database or storage medium


The length of time a document is available for recovery once deleted by the user from the system. This does not include email that has been permanently deleted from the deleted folder. 

Computer Equipment

Any electronic device purchased using university’s funds/accounts

Data Retention


Unless stated by HR or supervisor upon termination, all access to SON technology services (including but not limited to email, desktop and network access) will be deactivated at the end of the work day. The user’s desktop will be wiped clean and recycled.

The individual’s supervisor has up to 60 days after termination to request access to the user’s data via HR approval. After 60 days all digital files including email messages will be deleted and data will no longer be available.


Student files, email accounts and access to School systems will be deleted 60 days after the date of graduation, unless notified by the Office of Academic Affairs. Doctoral students with research data needs should follow research data guidelines below.


Full Time Faculty: Upon departure from the SON, full-time faculty will be given appropriate time to review and save needed files.  Emeritus faculty member will continue to have an email account and network access.  ITS will follow University’s and School of Nursing’s guidelines for deceased faculty members.

The faculty member’s desktop will be wiped clean and recycled. Any equipment purchase via grant funding should follow the university’s policy (Financial Policy Manual: 1106.5).

Part Time Faculty: Upon departure from the SON, part-time faculty files, email accounts and access to School systems will be deleted 60 days after their appointment end date, unless notified by the Office of Academic Affairs.

Backup Retention

Data is backed up locally every night with monthly backups archived off site. We can currently restore data up to 4 weeks*.

 *will extend retention up to a years’ worth of monthly backups as the backups increase.

Data Access

Faculty & Staff

Faculty and Staff default access:

  • Personal Drive (F:\)
  • Shared Department Drive (G:\ drive letter designation subject to change)
  • School Shared Drive (H:\)
  • SharePoint Intranet Access
  • Additional drives as requested
  • Email account


Student default access:

  • Personal Drive (M:\)
  • Additional drives as requested
  • Email account


ITS recognizes that research grants are unique and will process research data on an individual basis.

ITS will make every effort to comply with:

  • federal grant requirements with respect to storage and retention of research data
  • the terms of sponsored project and IRB agreements
  • Penn’s Policy & Procedures (See references below)
  • Office of Nursing Research policy and procedures

Penn’s Data Retention Schedule:

The Records Retention Schedule is a guideline that sets forth the length of time records are recommended to be retained. This guideline applies to all records listed on the schedule to the extent they are maintained by the University and its Health System, including storage areas. The schedule is intended to cover all University and Health System records for which there is a legal, regulatory or management retention requirement. To read more and see the schedules follow the URL below:

Litigation Hold

When ITS receives a litigation hold for electronic data, the data and email as well as any associated backups as of the day of the hold are copied and quarantined.  Any backup retention polices that would delete files are removed so that files are retained.  At the time, the University is required to supply electronic documents, data from the frozen copies and any relevant data from the intervening period are provided.  Circumstances from each case will dictate the parameters of the data required.


Guidelines for the Destruction of Confidential Records:  

Financial Policy Manual – Property Management 1106.5

Data Retention Schedule:

Computing Policies and Guidelines:

Record Retention Requirements (201.8):

Disposition of Documents and Data of Faculty and Staff who are Leaving Penn

ITS Website:


NOTE: This policy is subject to change without prior notice, if necessary, to keep in compliance with University policies.

Approval Departments

Information Technology Services

Policy Sponsor

Tej M. Patel, Sr. Director & Penn Nursing CIO