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Welcome to Information Technology Services (ITS)

Information Technology Services strives to provide premier IT customer-centric experiences and value-driven services that advance the vision and mission of Penn Nursing.

ITS is committed to delivering robust, reliable, and secure technology. Our consumer-centric enterprise digital infrastructure enables operational excellence and academic innovation in learning, teaching, and research for the School of Nursing’s faculty, students, and staff.

Our commitments and expertise are reflected in these areas of innovative learning, teaching, and research for the School, and they empower our faculty, staff, and students to best utilize physical and virtual spaces.

Please enjoy your visit to the ITS website.

ITS Leadership

Chris Alexy, IT Director
Simulation Technology & Multimedia Services
(215) 898-2192

Kimberley D. Byrd, IT Director
Academic Learning & Computing Support Services
(215) 898-5400

Radu Chebeleu, IT Director
Digital Projects
(215) 898-1995

Brandon Lodriguss, CIO & Executive Director,
Facilities Planning
(215) 573-0747

Erin Marshall, IT Project Leader
Online Learning & Instructional Design
(215) 746-8320

Joshua Poinsett, IT Director
Enterprise Infrastructure & Application Services
(215) 476-4472