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Summer Innovation Institute

This multi-day, in-person intensive workshop allows participants to explore design thinking and equity-centered design by collaboratively putting them into practice.

Participants, faculty, and staff of the Summer Innovation Institute.Participants, faculty, and staff of the Summer Innovation Institute.

Innovation is necessary to achieve health equity. However, the human-centered approach of design thinking, a powerful tool of innovation, does not guarantee equitable solutions. Equity-centered models must complement it. These approaches focus on collaboration and co-creation. Collaborative work that centers the voices of and engages with all stakeholders and members of interested communities ensures that innovative design solutions reflect the intended audiences’ needs and preferences.

During a series of dynamic and interactive sessions each morning, attendees will engage in lectures, group discussions, and other activities regarding how we can move the needle toward health equity by integrating human-centered design, participatory models, and entrepreneurship principles. Institute faculty and speakers will provide insight into how design thinking and equity-centered design have already transformed health as well as the importance of addressing equity in all aspects of the process. Come with ideas, and leave with frameworks, contacts, and plans.

This event is offered annually. Check back here for updates on the next innovation institute.


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