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Finding Aids & Inventories

Finding aids for our nursing history manuscript collections are listed below. You can also search our collections by keyword on the Philadelphia Area Archives website.

When you’re ready to start researching, you can request specific collections by reviewing the instructions and access policies on our Visiting the Archive  page.

Collections are divided into the following categories:

Hospitals, Schools of Nursing, and Nursing Alumnae Associations

Albert Einstein Medical Center School of Nursing Records and Alumni collections:

Albert Einstein Medical Center School of Nursing, 1928-1964

Albert Einstein Medical Center School of Nursing, Alumni Association, 1895-1954

Alexian Brothers Hospital, 1885-1981

Chautauqua School of Nursing, 1909-1912

Chestnut Hill Hospital School of Nursing, 1769-1988

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia School of Nursing, 1897-1987

Freedmen’s Hospital Nurses Alumni Club of Philadelphia, 1973-1986

Germantown Hospital and Community Health Services, 1900-1998

Gynecean Hospital for Nursing Candidates, 1914-1918

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing Records, Alumni, and Photos collections:

HUP School of Nursing Records, 1886-1989

HUP School of Nursing, Alumni Association, 1875-2012

Lankenau Hospital School of Nursing, 1871-1992

Leonhard Felix Fuld Archives of the Helene Fuld School of Nursing, 1959-2011

Lock Haven Hospital, 1896-1964

Mercy-Douglass Hospital School of Nursing Records and Alumni:

Mercy-Douglass Hospital School of Nursing, 1896-1977

Mercy-Douglass Hospital, School of Nursing, Alumnae Association 1939-1987

Methodist Episcopal Hospital School of Nursing Records, 1900-1991

Mountainside Hospital School of Nursing Records (Montclair, NJ), 1932-2008

Muhlenberg Hospital School of Nursing, 1896-1972

Northeastern Hospital School of Nursing, 1926-2016

Philadelphia General Hospital Training School for Nurses, Student files, Alumni, Photos, and Other collections (see also Individuals; Additional):

PGH School of Nursing, Student Files, 1885-1940

PGH Training School for Nurses, 1885-1977**

PGH Training School for Nurses, Alumni Association, 1874-2005

PGH Training School for Nurses, Alumni Association, Photographs, 1885-1977

PGH Training School for Nurses, Miscellaneous Collection, 1918-2006

Philadelphia Orthopaedic Hospital and Infirmary for Nervous Diseases, School of Nursing, 1889-1915

Philadelphia School for Nurses, 1903-1904

Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing, 1871-1988

St. Joseph Hospital School of Nursing (Lancaster, PA), 1925-1996

St. Luke’s Hospital, c.1900

St. Mary’s Hospital (Troy, N.Y.), c.1920

Temple-Episcopal Hospital School of Nursing and Alumni Association collections:

Episcopal Hospital records, c. 1851-2001

Episcopal Hospital School of Nursing Records, 1888-2009

Episcopal Hospital Nurses Alumni Association, 1941-2009

University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing Records (held at University Archives), 1908-1998

Woman’s Hospital of Philadelphia, 1861-1976 

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Voluntary Non-Profit Associations

Athens County Visiting Nurses Association, 1982-1992

Brandywine Home Health Agency, 1917-1990

Montgomery County Homemaker Home Health Aide Service, 1967-1990

Moorestown Visiting Nurse Association, 1909-1986

National Fund for Medical Education, 1949-1990**

Neighborhood Visiting Nurse Association, 1900-1990

Princeton Community League Visiting Nurse Committee, 1924-1950

Starr Centre Association of Philadelphia, 1894-1973

Tri-County Visiting Nurse Association, 1894-1991

Visiting Nurse Association of Allegheny County, 1918-1990

Visiting Nurse Association of Ambler & Vicinity, 1922-1987

Visiting Nurse Association of Boston, Photographs, 1900-1960s

Visiting Nurse Association of Eastern Montgomery County, 1928-1986

Visiting Nurse Association of Greater Philadelphia, 1976-1994

Visiting Nurse Association of Hudson Valley, 1898-2017

Visiting Nurse Association of South Central Connecticut, 1905-1987

Visiting Nurse Society of Philadelphia Records and Photographs, 1855-1987

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Professional and Military Associations

American Legion, Pennsylvania Division, Helen Fairchild Post No. 412, 1919-1989

American Nephrology Nurses’ Association oral history project, 1986-1987

Andrew G. Curtin Association of Army Nurses, 1861-1903

Association of Community Health Nursing Educators, 1977-1999

Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, 1992-

Council on Graduate Education for Administration in Nursing, 1970-1994**

International Council of Nurses, Nurse Refugee Files, 1946-1970

International Council on Women’s Health Issues Records, 1984-2010

National Association of Hispanic Nurses

National League for Nursing

National Organization for Public Health Nursing, 1913-1953

Pennsylvania Higher Education Nursing Schools Association, 1977-1996

Pennsylvania League for Nursing, 1948-1989

Pennsylvania Nurses’ Association, District 1, 1921-1973

Pennsylvania Nurses’ Association, District 2, 1919-1978

Professional Nurse Educators Group (PNEG), 1969 - 2015

Quad Council of Public Health Nursing Organizations Records, 2000-2007

Southeastern Pennsylvania League for Nursing, 1987-1992**

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Additional Organizations

Loeb Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, 1962-1985

National Joint Practice Commission Records, 1971-1979

Neuman Systems Model Trustee Group, 1986-2011

Pan American Network of Nursing and Midwifery Collaborating Centers [PANMCC] Oral History Project Records, 1988-2013

Philadelphia Mayor’s Commission on Health in the Eighties, 1982-1984

Sigma Theta Tau, Inc. - Xi Chapter, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing records, c.1958-2005

Teaching Nursing Home Program records, 1981-1987

Theodore Starr Savings Bank, 1886-1897

Women’s Auxiliary of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania’s Ward G (Children’s Ward) minutes, 1917-1927

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Aiken, Linda H. and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 1972-1986**

Amenta, Madalon, 1928-2015

Ashley, Jo Ann, 1942-1980*

Austin, Ann L., 1910-1986

Baer, Ellen D., 1939-2013

Bastian, Kathryn, 1942 - 1959

Bates, Barbara, 1928-2002

Benoliel, Jeanne Quint, 1955-2011*

Benson, Evelyn R., 1991-2000

Blitzstein Deglin, Ruth Marilyn, 1945-1975

Bloch, Doris, 1928-2003

Brennan, Mary C., 1903-1992

Brunner, Lillian S., 1910-1995

Buhler-Wilkerson, Karen, 1944-2010

Capers, Cynthia Flynn, 1978-1983

Chamberlain, Lois Elizabeth Munroe, 1917-1970**

Chase, Adaline, 1900-1975

Chun, Alice Lee, 1945-2000

Clayton, S. Lillian, 1874-1930

Clymer, Mary V., 1888-1889

Darragh, Mildred, 1923-1928

Davis, Anne J., 1950-2010

Deatrick, Janet A., 1968-2014**

D’Estl, Ernestine Kittl, 1888-1956, PGH scrapbook

DiSandro, Edith Hyde, 1924-1927

Downs, Florence S., 1938-2005

Duffy, Eileen M., 1975-1977

Dunbar, Virginia, 1946-1976

Emonds, Beverly L., 1965-1981**

Errickson, Sara Maiter, 1937-1989

Evans, Lois K., 1971-2011

Fagin, Claire M., 1926-

Fawcett, Jacqueline, 1941-

Ford, Loretta, 1950-2008

Goodrich, Annie Warburton, 1871-1955

Gorski, Bernice, 1936 - 2000

Griscom, Edith Lewis Palmer, 1909-1912

Hanlan, Archie J. & Mary S., 1966-2012

Harper, Mary Starke, 1972-1988*

Helfand, William H., 1923-1962  (see also Additional )

Hirsch, Irma Lou, c.1958-1994

Holleran, Constance, 1934-

Ives, Edith Erikson C. 1902-1988

Johnston, Margaret Alice, 1944-1945**

Johnstone, Marie, 1906

Keeler, Jane D., 1935-1985

Lambertsen, Eleanor C. , 1915-1977

Landis, Nadine, 1963-1964

Lang, Norma **

Lasek, Elinor Fry, 1935-1938

Lear, Walter J., 1944-1963

Leonard, Dorothy Harvey, 1948 - 1978

Lubic, Ruth Watson, 1927 - 

Littlefield, Chloe Cudsworth, 1883-1902

Lowery, Barbara, 1980s- c. 1996**

Lynaugh, Joan E., 1935-2011

Lynch, Theresa I., 1896-1986

M’Cready, Mary Anne, 1904

Madden, Marietta H., 1928-1997

Matela, Regina, c. 1960s-1979**

Matthews, Irene, 1871-1977 

McCarron, Sarah, 1917-1964

McCorkle, Ruth 1941-1998

McMoneagle, Mary C., 1875-1937

Meleis, Afaf **

Mereness, Dorothy Ann, 1910-1991

Mezey, Mathy, 1970 - 2014**

Morris, Mabel Harmon, 1935-1990

Murillo-Rohde, Ildaura, 1930-2005

Murphey, Helen and Mary Murphey Hankinson 1905-1950s

Neuman, Betty M., 1945-2008

Nightingale, Florence:

Nightingale, Florence, small collection, 1856-1896

Nightingale, Florence, letters and recordings

Nightingale, Florence, recording, 1939

Nunan, Edith, 1887-1977

Olinatz, Nanette, 1958-1960**

Page, Nancy J., 1960-1962**

Peplau, Hildegard E., 1949-1987

Petrillo, Madeline H., 1960s-1980s

Pisani, Dorothy McMullan, 1936-2004

Plotnick, Julia**

Rath, Charlotte Tyson, 1928-1970

Roberts, Doris E., 1872-1993

Roberts, Joyce E., 1970-2008

Robinson, Alice Merritt, 1920-1983

Rothrock, Mary A., c. 1915-1970

Ruggiero, Loretta, c.1972-1977

Saba, Virginia K., and the United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare Division of Nursing, 1937-1982

Schlotfeldt, Rozella M., 1926-1995

Schutt, Barbara G., 1930-1986

Schwartz, Doris R., 1915-1999

Schorr, Thelma M., 1952-1991

Scott, Jessie May, 1930-2000

Shaw, Martha Emily, 1907-2011

Smith, Dorothy M., 1954-1997

Smoyak, Shirley A., 1966 - 2000

Somers, Anne Ramsey, 1933-1982

Stachniewicz, Stephanie A., 1954 - 1997

Stringer, Marilyn, 1980-2013

Strumpf, Edna E. LaPorte, 1933-1991

Strumpf, Neville E., 1965 - 2011 **

Styles, Margretta Madden, 1973-1992

Sullivan-Marx, Eileen, 1992-2000

Thompson, Joyce E., 1981-2001

Tram, Rose Anna, 1915-1976

Trautman, Mary Jane Holcombe, 1940s-2005

Troncelliti, Manrico A. and the Philadelphia General Hospital Oral History, 1982-1990

Watts, Rosalyn J., 1980 - 2005

Weiss, Olga, 1948-1977

West, Roberta M., 1886-1937

Wilcox, Barbara, 1966-1981

Wiltzius, Henrietta A., 1918-1920, 1923

Wolanin, Mary Opal, 1932-1997

Wolf, Zane Robinson, 1980-2018


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Barbara Bates Center for the Study of the History of Nursing Videotape Collection **

Center for the Study of the History of Nursing records, 1984-**

Current Procedural Terminology Project papers, 1990-2009

Evening Bulletin, 1905-1975**

Dorothy Marks Eataugh: History of Nursing Scrapbook, 1938

Diane Hamilton Miscellaneous 20th Century Community Health Photograph Collection, 1903-1980

William Helfand Postcard Collection, 1900-1990

William Helfand Sheet Music Collection, 1912-1939

Historical Federal Documents Collection, 1950-2000

History of Nursing in Philadelphia, 1973-1974

Miscellaneous items collection, 1899-2003

Nursing Postal Stamp Collection, 1970-1986

Penn Nursing Doctoral Student Organization, 1979-

Philadelphia General Hospital Oral History Project, 1993-1994

University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing Development Office, 1963-2000

World War I Photographs from France, 1918-1925

Michael Zwerdling Postcard Collection, 1907-1916

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Nursing History Small Collection  (contains the following small collections)

Freedmen’s Hospital Nurses Alumni Club of Philadelphia, 1973-1986

St. Luke’s Hospital, c.1900

St. Mary’s Hospital (Troy, N.Y.), c.1920

Cavell, Edith Louisa, 1913-1922

Currier, Hazel Peterson, 1938-2005

Fondes, Tabitha Parker, 1912-1996

Francis, Susan C., 1934-1987

Godfrey, Mary Robinson, 1910-1987

Gruber, Mildred, 1904-1906

Heffernan, Bernardine, 1968-1986

Hoff, Bertha, 1913-1914

Holman, Lydia, 1888-1960

Izcka, Jadwiga, 1939-1960

Jones, Elizabeth, 1899-1946

Kennedy, Cecile, 1939-1957

Kennedy, Marion Kern, 1940

Lemley, Alice and Lillie, 1887-1888

Mahoney, Jean L., photographs, 1942-1945

McNeil, Marjorie E. Snider, 1942-2005

Meissner, Ruth Erikson, 1932-1935

Newman, Edna Albert, 1924-1936

Nightingale, Florence, 1856-1896

Osborne, Estelle M., 1954

Overholt, Ella Florence, 1921

Radbill, Samuel X., 1985-1989

Renz, Dorothy L. Fiefer, 1953-1957

Ritter, Beatrice, 1947-1957

Shapiro, Judith Newman, 1936-1988

Soper, Martha Lenora Collett, 1919-1920

Stern, Beverly Peril, 1955-1960

Todd, C. Edwina, 1947-1953

van der Peet, Roberta, 1989

Witmer, Laura Strickler, 1934-1947

York, Edith M., 1922-1923

J.B. Lippincott Company, 1871-1931

Nurses for the Future Conference, 1987

Nursing Postal Stamp Collection, 1970-1986

Peter Short Photograph Collection, 1993-1994

Michael Zwerdling Postcard Collection, 1907-1916

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