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Finding Aids & Inventories

When you’re ready to start researching, you can request specific collections by reviewing the instructions and access policies on our Joan E. Lynaugh Archives & Special Collections page.

Before visiting the Bates Center, please view the Visiting the Archive page for directions.

Collections are divided into the following categories:

Hospitals, Schools of Nursing, and Nursing Alumnae Associations

Albert Einstein Medical Center School of Nursing Records and Alumni collections:

Albert Einstein Medical Center School of Nursing, 1928-1964

Albert Einstein Medical Center School of Nursing, Alumni Association, 1895-1954

Alexian Brothers Hospital, 1885-1981

Chautauqua School of Nursing, 1909-1912

Chestnut Hill Hospital School of Nursing, 1769-1988

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia School of Nursing, 1897-1987

Freedmen’s Hospital Nurses Alumni Club of Philadelphia, 1973-1986

Germantown Hospital and Community Health Services, 1900-1998

Gynecean Hospital for Nursing Candidates, 1914-1918

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing Records, Alumni, and Photos collections:

HUP School of Nursing Records, 1886-1989

HUP School of Nursing, Alumni Association, 1875-2012

Lankenau Hospital School of Nursing, 1871-1992

Leonhard Felix Fuld Archives of the Helene Fuld School of Nursing, 1959-2011

Lock Haven Hospital, 1896-1964

Mercy-Douglass Hospital School of Nursing Records and Alumni:

Mercy-Douglass Hospital School of Nursing, 1896-1977

Mercy-Douglass Hospital, School of Nursing, Alumnae Association 1939-1987

Methodist Episcopal Hospital School of Nursing Records, 1900-1991

Mountainside Hospital School of Nursing Records (Montclair, NJ), 1932-2008

Muhlenberg Hospital School of Nursing, 1896-1972

Northeastern Hospital School of Nursing, 1926-2016

Philadelphia General Hospital Training School for Nurses, Student files, Alumni, Photos, and Other collections (see also Individuals; Additional):

PGH School of Nursing, Student Files, 1885-1940

PGH Training School for Nurses, 1885-1977**

PGH Training School for Nurses, Alumni Association, 1874-2005

PGH Training School for Nurses, Alumni Association, Photographs, 1885-1977

PGH Training School for Nurses, Miscellaneous Collection, 1918-2006

Philadelphia Orthopaedic Hospital and Infirmary for Nervous Diseases, School of Nursing, 1889-1915

Philadelphia School for Nurses, 1903-1904

Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing, 1871-1988

St. Joseph Hospital School of Nursing (Lancaster, PA), 1925-1996

St. Luke’s Hospital, c.1900

St. Mary’s Hospital (Troy, N.Y.), c.1920

Temple-Episcopal Hospital School of Nursing and Alumni Association collections:

Episcopal Hospital records, c. 1851-2001

Episcopal Hospital School of Nursing Records, 1888-2009

Episcopal Hospital Nurses Alumni Association, 1941-2009

University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing Records (held at University Archives), 1908-1998

Woman’s Hospital of Philadelphia, 1861-1976  

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Voluntary Non-Profit Associations

Athens County Visiting Nurses Association, 1982-1992

Brandywine Home Health Agency, 1917-1990

Montgomery County Homemaker Home Health Aide Service, 1967-1990

Moorestown Visiting Nurse Association, 1909-1986

National Fund for Medical Education, 1949-1990**

Neighborhood Visiting Nurse Association, 1900-1990

Princeton Community League Visiting Nurse Committee, 1924-1950

Starr Centre Association of Philadelphia, 1894-1973

Tri-County Visiting Nurse Association, 1894-1991

Visiting Nurse Association of Allegheny County, 1918-1990

Visiting Nurse Association of Ambler & Vicinity, 1922-1987

Visiting Nurse Association of Boston, Photographs, 1900-1960s

Visiting Nurse Association of Eastern Montgomery County, 1928-1986

Visiting Nurse Association of Greater Philadelphia, 1976-1994

Visiting Nurse Association of Hudson Valley, 1898-2017

Visiting Nurse Association of South Central Connecticut, 1905-1987

Visiting Nurse Society of Philadelphia Records and Photographs, 1855-1987

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Professional and Military Associations

American Legion, Pennsylvania Division, Helen Fairchild Post No. 412, 1919-1989

American Nephrology Nurses’ Association, 1986-1987

Andrew G. Curtin Association of Army Nurses, 1861-1903

Association of Community Health Nursing Educators, 1977-1999

Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, 1987-

Council on Graduate Education for Administration in Nursing, 1970-1994**

International Council of Nurses, 1946-1970*

International Council on Women’s Health Issues Records, 1984-2010

National Association of Hispanic Nurses

National League for Nursing

National Organization for Public Health Nurses, 25 reels, 1913-1953

Pennsylvania Higher Education Nursing Schools Association, 1977-1996

Pennsylvania League for Nursing, 1948-1989

Pennsylvania Nurses’ Association, District 1, 1921-1973

Pennsylvania Nurses’ Association, District 2, 1919-1978

Quad Council of Public Health Nursing Organizations Records, 2000-2007

Southeastern Pennsylvania League for Nursing, 1987-1992**

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Additional Organizations

Loeb Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, 1962-1985

National Joint Practice Commission Records, 1971-1979

Neuman Systems Model Trustee Group, 1986-2011

Pan American Network of Nursing and Midwifery Collaborating Centers [PANMCC] Oral History Project Records, 1988-2013

Philadelphia Mayor’s Commission on Health in the Eighties, 1982-1984

Sigma Theta Tau, Inc. - Xi Chapter, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing records, c.1958-2005

Teaching Nursing Home Program records, 1981-1987

Theodore Starr Savings Bank, 1886-1897

Women’s Auxiliary of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania’s Ward G (Children’s Ward) minutes, 1917-1927

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Aiken, Linda H. and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 1972-1986**

Amenta, Madalon, 1928-2015

Ashley, Jo Ann, 1942-1980

Austin, Ann L., 1910-1986

Baer, Ellen D., 1939-2013

Bastian, Kathryn

Bates, Barbara, 1928-2002

Benoliel, Jeanne Quint, 1955-2011*

Benson, Evelyn R., 1991-2000

Blitzstein Deglin, Ruth Marilyn, 1945-1975

Bloch, Doris, 1928-2003

Brennan, Mary C., 1903-1992

Brunner, Lillian S., 1910-1995

Buhler-Wilkerson, Karen, 1944-2010

Capers, Cynthia Flynn, 1978-1983

Chamberlain, Lois Elizabeth Munroe, 1917-1970**

Chase, Adaline, 1900-1975

Chun, Alice Lee, 1945-2000

Clayton, S. Lillian, 1874-1930

Clymer, Mary V., 1888-1889

Darragh, Mildred, 1923-1928

Davis, Anne J., 1950-2010

Deatrick, Janet A., 1968-2014**

D’Estl, Ernestine Kittl, 1888-1956, PGH scrapbook

DiSandro, Edith Hyde, 1924-1927

Downs, Florence S., 1938-2005

Duffy, Eileen M., 1975-1977

Dunbar, Virginia, 1946-1976

Emonds, Beverly L., 1965-1981**

Errickson, Sara Maiter, 1937-1989

Evans, Lois K., 1971-2011

Fagin, Claire M., 1926-

Fawcett, Jacqueline, 1941-

Ford, Loretta, 1950-2008

Goodrich, Annie Warburton, 1871-1955

Gorski, Bernice

Griscom, Edith Lewis Palmer, 1909-1912

Hanlan, Archie J. & Mary S., 1966-2012

Harper, Mary Starke, 1972-1988*

Helfand, William H., 1923-1962  (see also Additional )

Hirsch, Irma Lou, c.1958-1994

Holleran, Constance, 1934-

Ives, Edith Erikson C. 1902-1988

Johnston, Margaret Alice, 1944-1945**

Johnstone, Marie, 1906

Keeler, Jane D., 1935-1985

Lambertsen, Eleanor C. , 1915-1977

Landis, Nadine, 1963-1964

Lang, Norma **

Lasek, Elinor Fry, 1935-1938

Lear, Walter J., 1944-1963

Leonard, Dorothy Harvey

Lubic, Ruth Watson

Littlefield, Chloe Cudsworth, 1883-1902

Lowery, Barbara, 1980s- c. 1996**

Lynaugh, Joan E., 1935-2011

Lynch, Theresa I., 1896-1986

M’Cready, Mary Anne, 1904

Madden, Marietta H., 1928-1997

Matela, Regina, c. 1960s-1979**

Matthews, Irene, 1871-1977 

McCarron, Sarah, 1917-1964

McCorkle, Ruth 1941-1998

McMoneagle, Mary C., 1875-1937

Meleis, Afaf **

Mereness, Dorothy Ann, 1910-1991

Mezey, Mathy**

Morris, Mabel Harmon, 1935-1990

Murillo-Rohde, Ildaura, 1930-2005

Murphey, Helen and Mary Murphey Hankinson 1905-1950s

Neuman, Betty M., 1945-2008

Nightingale, Florence:

Nightingale, Florence, small collection, 1856-1896

Nightingale, Florence, letters and recordings

Nightingale, Florence, recording, 1939

Nunan, Edith, 1887-1977

Olinatz, Nanette, 1958-1960**

Page, Nancy J., 1960-1962**

Peplau, Hildegard E., 1949-1987

Petrillo, Madeline H., 1960s-1980s

Pisani, Dorothy McMullan, 1936-2004

Plotnick, Julia**

Rath, Charlotte Tyson, 1928-1970

Roberts, Doris E., 1872-1993

Roberts, Joyce E., 1970-2008

Robinson, Alice Merritt, 1920-1983

Rothrock, Mary A., c. 1915-1970

Ruggiero, Loretta, c.1972-1977

Saba, Virginia K., and the United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare Division of Nursing, 1937-1982

Schlotfeldt, Rozella M., 1926-1995

Schutt, Barbara G., 1930-1986

Schwartz, Doris R., 1915-1999

Schorr, Thelma M., 1952-1991

Scott, Jessie May, 1930-2000

Shaw, Martha Emily, 1907-2011

Smith, Dorothy M., 1954-1997

Smoyak, Dorothy

Somers, Anne Ramsey, 1933-1982

Stachniewicz, Stephanie A., 1967-1977

Stringer, Marilyn, 1980-2013

Strumpf, Edna E. LaPorte, 1933-1991

Strumpf, Neville **

Styles, Margretta Madden, 1973-1992

Sullivan-Marx, Eileen, 1992-2000

Thompson, Joyce E., 1981-2001

Tram, Rose Anna, 1915-1976

Trautman, Mary Jane Holcombe, 1940s-2005

Troncelliti, Manrico A. and the Philadelphia General Hospital Oral History, 1982-1990

Watts, Rosalyn

Weiss, Olga, 1948-1974

West, Roberta M., 1886-1937

Wilcox, Barbara, 1966-1981

Wiltzius, Henrietta A., 1918-1920, 1923

Wolanin, Mary Opal, 1932-1997

Wolf, Zane Robinson, c.1980-2018


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Barbara Bates Center for the Study of the History of Nursing Videotape Collection **

Center for the Study of the History of Nursing records, 1984-**

Current Procedural Terminology Project papers, 1990-2009

Evening Bulletin, 1905-1975**

Dorothy Marks Eataugh: History of Nursing Scrapbook, 1938

Diane Hamilton Photograph Collection, 1903-1980

William Helfand Postcard Collection, 1900-1990

William Helfand Sheet Music Collection, 1912-1939

Historical Federal Documents Collection, 1950-2000

History of Nursing in Philadelphia, 1973-1974

Miscellaneous items collection, 1899-2003

Nursing Postal Stamp Collection, 1970-1986

Penn Nursing Doctoral Student Organization, 1979-

Peter Short Photograph Collection, 1993-1994

Philadelphia General Hospital Oral History Project, 1993-1994

University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing Development Office, 1963-2000

World War I Photographs from France, 1918-1925

Michael Zwerdling Postcard Collection, 1907-1916

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Nursing History Small Collection  (contains the following small collections)

Freedmen’s Hospital Nurses Alumni Club of Philadelphia, 1973-1986

St. Luke’s Hospital, c.1900

St. Mary’s Hospital (Troy, N.Y.), c.1920

Cavell, Edith Louisa, 1913-1922

Currier, Hazel Peterson, 1938-2005

Fondes, Tabitha Parker, 1912-1996

Francis, Susan C., 1934-1987

Godfrey, Mary Robinson, 1910-1987

Gruber, Mildred, 1904-1906

Heffernan, Bernardine, 1968-1986

Hoff, Bertha, 1913-1914

Holman, Lydia, 1888-1960

Izcka, Jadwiga, 1939-1960

Jones, Elizabeth, 1899-1946

Kennedy, Cecile, 1939-1957

Kennedy, Marion Kern, 1940

Lemley, Alice and Lillie, 1887-1888

Mahoney, Jean L., photographs, 1942-1945

McNeil, Marjorie E. Snider, 1942-2005

Meissner, Ruth Erikson, 1932-1935

Newman, Edna Albert, 1924-1936

Nightingale, Florence, 1856-1896

Osborne, Estelle M., 1954

Overholt, Ella Florence, 1921

Radbill, Samuel X., 1985-1989

Renz, Dorothy L. Fiefer, 1953-1957

Ritter, Beatrice, 1947-1957

Shapiro, Judith Newman, 1936-1988

Soper, Martha Lenora Collett, 1919-1920

Stern, Beverly Peril, 1955-1960

Todd, C. Edwina, 1947-1953

van der Peet, Roberta, 1989

Witmer, Laura Strickler, 1934-1947

York, Edith M., 1922-1923

J.B. Lippincott Company, 1871-1931

Nurses for the Future Conference, 1987

Nursing Postal Stamp Collection, 1970-1986

Peter Short Photograph Collection, 1993-1994

Michael Zwerdling Postcard Collection, 1907-1916

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