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Strategic Plan

“The history of healthcare looks very different when seen through the eyes of nurses.”  

The Center’s strategic plan contains three main goals that capture our renewed mission to thoughtfully analyze the past in order to create and foster new ideas for the future. The Center’s plan simultaneously promotes Penn Nursing’s vision to advance nursing science and produce leaders that will transform healthcare globally. Though the road ahead promises challenges, the Center remains committed to eminence in scholarship, global engagement, and increased visibility and accessibility of the Center’s collections. 

Strategic Plan

The three goals of the strategic plan include:

  1. Eminence in scholarship that positions nursing as an essential component of the history of healthcare
    1. Build an endowment that sustains the Center in perpetuity
    2. Establish an endowed Professorship in Nursing History
    3. Create a pre and post-doctoral fellowship in nursing history
    4. Develop an interdisciplinary minor in history, public health, and public policy
    5. Increase capacity for development of other nursing history research centers and engagement of scholars in other countries in research that aligns with the mission of the Center
  2. Strengthen global engagement and collaborative initiatives
    1. Develop video conferencing capabilities to engage scholars internationally
    2. Engage domestic and international scholars and students through conferences, scholarly work, and research initiatives
    3. Strengthen collaborative work with emerging and existing nursing history and related centers
    4. Provide resources for faculty, staff, and students to participate in global scholarship
  3.  Maximize the visibility, accessibility, and scope of the Center’s collection
    1. Broaden Bates Center holdings to reflect the diversity of the nursing profession by actively seeking collections from racial, ethnic, and gender minorities, as well as collections from organizations and institutions that have broadened the nursing profession
    2. Support a full-time archivist
    3. Identify targeted funding opportunities for preservation and conservation programs
    4. Create a public outreach plan for Center collections
    5. Develop collaborative projects with local, regional, and national institutions and repositories 

2019 Barbara Bates Center Fellowships Available

The Barbara Bates Center for the Study of the History of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania is taking applications for the 2019 Fellowships and Research Awards. Interested individuals are encouraged to apply.

Looking Back and Moving Forward

Mid October marked the worst of the Influenza Pandemic in Philadelphia. Suddenly, new cases dropped and the city started to recover.