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Interdisciplinary Collaborations

The Bates Center has established strong interdisciplinary collaborations within the University and across the globe.

Scholarly Collaborations

A number of national, local, and international groups also join the Bates Center in partnerships and programs related to the history of nursing and healthcare. These include:


Seminars and Interdisciplinary Symposia 

The Bates Center hosts regularly occurring seminars with distinguished historians presenting their newest research. It also co-sponsors interdisciplinary symposia around particular historical questions that have current relevance. For more information click here

A century ago, open air schools fought disease

In the early 1900s, tuberculosis was a major public health crisis and one of the tactics used to keep children from getting TB was open air schools. Fast forward a hundred years to the coronavirus pandemic, and there are some interesting parallels between the public health response then, and efforts now to stay safe and stay healthy. Dr. Cindy Connolly, associate director of the Barbara Bates Center for the Study of the History of Nursing, Professor, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, talks about the history of open air schools and the similarities and differences in how we fight disease both now and 100 hundred years ago.