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History, Health, & Humanities Minor

This innovative minor provides students with the tools and perspectives to study clinical issues through a different lens than the one provided by natural or social sciences, and amplifies the humanities components of the Judgement, Inquiry, Voice, and Engagement pillars that define the “Penn Advantage.”

Our program

Penn Nursing’s History, Health, & Humanities minor forges a bridge between the humanities and sciences to nourish students intellectually, build self-awareness, develop empathy, and consider social justice-related phenomena through a new lens. Throughout the minor’s six courses, it offers formalized opportunities for writing, both reflective and analytical, that extend beyond those available within the required nursing curriculum.

Students enrolled in the minor will be considered Bates Center associates and will be invited to lunches, dinners, and other events with visiting scholars and faculty.





  • The Bates Center’s “Preserving our Future” Campaign Makes History

    As health care continues to evolve with anticipated and unanticipated consequences, using the lessons of history to shape and inform the future has never been more relevant. And with the record-breaking success of The Bates Center’s Preserving our Future Campaign, these lessons will be more accessible than ever before.