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Creating and Sharing Events

Adding your event to LiveWhale, our website’s content management system, helps ensure your event has greater visibility by posting it to the Penn Nursing website where it can be easily promoted by the Marketing & Communications team via social media, email, and other channels. It also allows your event to be displayed on the digital screens located on each floor of Claire M. Fagin Hall.

How to create and post your event

Members of the Penn Nursing community can follow these directions to create and post their events to the School’s website and digital display screens on each floor of Claire M. Fagin Hall. Our digital screens display a real-time feed of up to 40 recent news stories and upcoming events. During the busiest parts of the year, the screens may only show a few days’ worth of stories and events; at other points in the year, the screens may show several days’ worth. After an event starts, it falls out of the rotation 

1. Log in to your LiveWhale account. Faculty, Staff, and student groups should already have access, but if you need an account contact

2. Create a new event or edit an existing event in your LiveWhale group.

3. Complete all the required event fields. The only fields that will be visible on the display screens are: Title, Summary, Date, Time, and Location. The “Event Description” field will be visible on the website, so make sure to enter information here as well. Your title and summary should provide brief, but sufficient information for the digital screens. Summaries should be approximately 50 words. If your event is limited to a particular audience, such as only students, you may also wish to indicate that in the summary field.

Event Summary field.Event Summary field.

4. You must complete the location field in order for your event to appear on the screens. 

5. Add a relevant image. A photo or graphic will help your event get noticed. To appear on the screens, events must have an image.

6. If you would like people to RSVP for your event, LiveWhale can handle that, too. Just check the box for RSVP in that section and fill in the appropriate fields. If you require additional information be collected, you can also easily create a custom form for your responses, and then select the custom form from the drop down box in the RSVP section. You can choose to have completed RSVP’s emailed to you, but they are also stored in LiveWhale for easy retrieval as an Excel file. RSVPs can be viewed at any time by clicking on the RSVP link just under the Events tab. If you are using another method to collect your RSVPs, such as Google Forms, we encourage you to use LiveWhale’s RSVP functionality.

7. Once you feel the event information is complete, go back and review everything that you have entered. If everything is correct and to your satisfaction, go to the top right of the page and click on the “Hidden” button and switch it to “Live.”


8. At the bottom of the page under Sharing and Privacy, check the box for “Suggest to main Penn Nursing site.” This will alert the Marketing & Communications team that your event is ready to be reviewed for inclusion on the display screens.

9. Go to the bottom of the page and click, Save.

Once your event is received through the website by the Marketing & Communications team and approved for display on the screens, it may take up to 20 minutes for your event to appear. 

See the displays on your computer

If you would like to see the real-time feed displayed on digital screens at the school, visit this page.

Questions or comments?

Please contact the Marketing & Communications team in the Office of Institutional Advancement at