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Campaign Website

Instructions for editing the campaign site.

Everything on the Campaign website lives in the Campaign group.

The navigation in the header and footer can be edited by switching into the campaign group, and going to Pages > Navigation.


The homepage “About Text” and “Make an Impact” are editable areas. To edit the blue buttons, click into the button and change the text or link. You can copy and paste the buttons into other editable areas. Use the source code button in the toolbar  < >  for more fine-grained control.

The colorful banners are edited by going to Profiles >  Campaign Homepage Banners. Here you can change the text and the photo behind each banner. Tag a profile with one of the following to dictate its position on the homepage: first, second, or third.

The video on the homepage is a Vimeo video. You need to use a Vimeo Pro account to display the video.

Once you have uploaded a video to Vimeo, copy the video ID# and add it to line 15 in the campaign home page template:

Inside Pages

Most of the pages in the navigation use the Campaign Inside Page Template that shows a header image with title overlay.

The Campaign Impact Template shows a header image with three buttons overlaid.

To add a header image to the page, upload an image to the Campaign Header Images collection.

Tag it with the page name to show on a specific page; to show the image at random on any page, tag the image with all.