Unique Widgets

Profile Widgets

Some profiles widgets only show the first paragraph of the description field.  

This is done by adding class=”first-para-only” to the <div> containing the field you want to limit this way, in the format editor. That class can be added elsewhere too, if appropriate.

Image Widgets

Images added to editable areas of the page with the image button are displayed with a white border. For special circumstances, you can display an image without a border as follows:

First, find the image you’d like to use in the LiveWhale image manager: Go to Libraries: Images in the top right of the dashboard. Select the image and copy the image id in the blue box.

Once you have the id, add the Image without border widget to the page.

Use the source code button to adjust the id argument to match your image. You can also adjust the width if needed:

<widget id=”125_images_image_without_border”>
  <arg id=”id”>3058</arg>
  <arg id=”width”>440</arg>