Adding Topic Pages

The Topic pages are controlled by tags, and as such they are a little different from regular LiveWhale pages.

Creating a New Topic Page

In the Dashboard, go to Tags then Global Tags. Make sure the topic is a starred global tag. This is what elevates a tag from just a tag, to a “Topic” and creates a unique page for the topic (there’s no need to create a new page in LiveWhale, as you would do with regular pages).

You can find the new topic page using the search box on the website: search for the topic and select it from the search dropdown under Tags (the topic only appears in the search if there are 3 or more content items tagged with this topic).

Adding a Topic Introduction

Each topic page displays an optional introduction beneath the topic header.

To edit the introductions, under the Core Site group, go to Blurbs, then Topic Introductions. Add a new blurb or select a blurb to edit. The blurb title is the topic name (this isn’t displayed, but is used for reference) and the blurb body is the topic introduction.

Tag the blurb with the topic tag and set the status to “Live” when the introduction is ready to display on the website.

Displaying Topic Content

Each topic page displays research stories, galleries, people, news stories and files tagged with the topic tag.

Research stories must be tagged with “research” to appear beneath the Research heading.

This content can come from any group.


Editing the Topic Introduction blurb. Editing the Topic Introduction blurb.