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Plasma Screens

Tagging & Displaying Content

All content is sourced from the Core Site group and must be tagged with screens in order to appear in the slideshow.

Important: To preview how content will appear and make any adjustments before going live on the plasma screens, use the tag testscreens and visit the Test Page. Once you are satisfied with how the content is displaying, return to the story, event, or image, remove the testscreens tag, and then add the screens tag. This will make the testing and reviewing process faster, and reduce the possibility of errors making it to the screens.

Content information and guidelines:

  • For news stories, the content displayed is the image, title, and summary. Summary should be between 50-80 characters, depending on title length. Check the image crop on the story to make sure the image subject is captured correctly.
  • For events, the content displayed is the image, calendar date, start time (and end time, if entered), title, and summary. Summary should be between 50-80 characters, depending on event title length. Check the image crop on the event to make sure the image subject is captured correctly. Note regarding end time: if an end time is entered, the event will continue to display in the Today at Penn Nursing section until the event has concluded. If no end time is entered, the event will disappear once the event begins.
  • For any stand-alone images that need to be added into the slideshow (e.g. content not covered through a story or event), images should be 900x500px at a resolution of 72. Images must be in the Plasma Screen Slides collection in the Core Site group.

To ensure that only current, relevant content is displayed, stories in the Core Site should be sorted by the Screens tag weekly, and older content should have the tag removed. If images are used, the Screens collection in the Plasma Screens group should also be reviewed weekly. This may not be necessary for events as they disappear once they have expired.

Live Feed

A live feed of the content currently displaying on the plasma screens in the building can be viewed on this page.

Page Configuration

No changes to content or page layout should be made through the Edit Page function. See below for details. 


All widgets used for the plasma screen displays can be found under the Plasma Screen group.

The plasma screens use what is called a Stream widget, which displays multiple content streams pulled from different widgets. In this case, the content is pulled from news, event, and image widgets. The Stream widget controls the timing of the slideshow, which is set to transition content every 20 seconds.

The background images (1280x720) are sourced from the Screens image collection in the Plasma Screens group, and are handled through the “Background for plasma screens” widget, and are set to rotate every 60 seconds.

The “Today at Penn Nursing” column on the right sidebar is controlled through a separate widget, as well, and displays tagged events happening on the current day. If there are no events, or if events have expired, the widget will display the latest tweets from the Penn Nursing Twitter account.

CSS and Display

The plasma screen page utilizes a custom CSS code to allow it to fit the specific size of the digital screens (1280x720) on each of the floors of Claire M. Fagin Hall. The content is displayed using a Chrome browser, full screen (F11) running on a standard computer set to stay awake. The page will automatically refresh every 10 minutes to repopulate with the most up-to-date content.