Editing the Homepage

2024 Homepage Hero Feature

  • Managed in the Core Site group.
  • Displays profiles in the “Profile Features” type that are tagged with “homepage hero.”
  • A header can be added.
  • Image size is 2048x899 (2752x1208)

2024 Homepage Path Selector

  • Not able to be customized.

Content Layout: Feature Story Block (and 2024 Homepage Feature Story)

  • Text is controlled by editing the page in the page editor (The Power of Possibility, A healthier…)
  • Featured Story itself (Hillman Grant for Penn…) and image are pulled from Stories in the Core Site group that are tagged with “admin-featured-story.”
  • Stories have two links: one to read the story and one to the relevant topic.

2024 Five Questions

  • Pulls from the “Students of Penn Nursing” profile type.
  • Profiles with the “admin-five-questions” tag will show up on the homepage.

2024 People Slider

  • Pulls these profile type from Core Site group: Students of Penn Nursing, Deans, Faculty, Alumni, Preceptors, and Staff.
  • Profiles must have something in the Quote/Testimonial field to display and must meet a minimum resolution threshold on the image to display.

2024 News Block with Top Story

  • Pulls stories from the Core Site group.
  • Header can be customized (defaults to “Stories & News” if there’s nothing in the header field).

2024 Homepage Events

  • Pulls events from the Core Site group.
  • Header can be customized (defaults to Events if the header field is empty).

Featured Media

  • Pulls from the Core Site Group.
  • Displays blurbs of type “Featured Media,” tagged with “admin-featured-media.”
  • Header can be customized (defaults to Media if header field is empty).