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Editing the Homepage

The Penn Nursing homepage content is managed with tags, images and blurbs.

Featured Topic Hero

To add or edit featured topics on the homepage:

In the Dashboard, go to Tags then Global Tags. Make sure the topic is a starred global tag (this is what elevates a tag from just a tag, to a “Topic”).

Under the Core Site group, go to Images and select the Featured Topic Photos collection

Add a new image, tag it with the Topic tag and star the image to feature it on the homepage, or remove stars from featured topics you no longer wish to show on the homepage.

Enter a short image caption: this will become the featured topic heading displayed on the homepage.

include a link to the topic in the caption: using the search box on the website, search for the topic and select it from the search dropdown under TagsCopy the URL to the topic page.
Then, in the image caption, highlight text in the caption field and insert a link. Link to an outside URL and paste the URL to the global health Topics page, and uncheck open link in new window

To learn more about topic pages, go to Adding Topic Pages.

Featured Topic Stories, Events, Profiles and Galleries

The featured topic image will show up on the homepage with stories, profiles, galleries or upcoming events that are tagged with the topic tag and starred

This content can come from any group, and must not be tagged with other tags for the homepage columns (see Content for the homepage columns below). 

For news stories, you can optionally enter a Feature Header to display above the story headline on the homepage, in place of the word “Featured.”

Content for the Homepage Columns

Today shows a single story tagged with “today” from the Core Site group. It must have an image. The story with most balloons, or the most recent story, will be displayed. Top-priority items should go here, for example, big news stories and upcoming featured events.

Top Stories shows the top two stories tagged with “published” from the Core Site group.

In The Conversation shows a single random story from the Core Site group tagged with “conversation”. These stories should have at least one topic tag. 

Videos and galleries also work wonderfully in this area. Edit the homepage, and replace the Homepage - In The Conversation widget with the Homepage - Photo Gallery widget. This displays a random gallery from any group tagged with “homepage.” 

Our People shows the top two stories tagged with “people.” These stories should have great corresponding images that ideally show faces!

White Homepage Admissions Box 

The admissions introduction and program buttons on the homepage are managed with blurbs. Under the Core Site group, go to Blurbs > Homepage Admissions Panel blurbs, and edit the blurbs. You can also add or remove balloons to change the order of the programs. The introduction must have the most balloons to stay on top.

  • Blurb title = Program name
  • Blurb description = Program summary. Include links to the programs by highlighting the text and inserting a link to a page on this site.