Emergency Notification Banner

In the event of a school closure due to weather, power outage, or other occurrence, the website can display a thin banner at the top of all pages across the site with a custom notification or instructions. This should only be used in special circumstances that affect the entire Penn Nursing community, such as a school closure.

How to Add a Notification Banner to the Site

To add a notification to the site, you must be a member of the Core Site Group. Begin by going to the Blurbs section from your Dashboard.

Select “Emergency Notifications” from the blurb types.

Add a new blurb for your notification. Like any content type in LiveWhale, you can add hyperlinks to a story or another page for more detailed instructions, if necessary. When complete, click Save.

To enable and display your notification across the site, star the notification and save the changes.

The notification will now display on all pages across the site until you remove the star from the blurb.