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Core Site Landing Pages


All the navigations in the general site template— including the main nav, header bar links, footer links, and social media sites list— are stored in the Core Site group. 

Under the Core Site group, go to Pages, then View Navigation on the top-right, and select the navigation you’d like to edit.

Landing Page Header Images

To display a new header image at the top of the Core Site Landing Pages, upload the image to the Core Site group.

  • To display it on any landing page, not a specific landing page, tag the image with header image and general.
  • To display it on a specific landing page, tag the image with header image and the page title. This page will only show images tagged with the page title and not general images. This image won’t be displayed on other landing pages.

Landing Page Content

To place content on the primary landing pages of the site tag items in the Core Site group with the page title, which should always be the same as the name of that section: about, global health, diversity, etc.