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Plan of Study

Year 1:


Negotiations in Healthcare

This course examines the process that leads to change in health care settings and situations. Students will develop skills that lead to effective negotiations in interpersonal and organizational settings. Included in the discussion are: concepts of organizational structure and power, negotiating in difficult situations, and the role of the health care professional in negotiation and change. The course also examines techniques leading to successful implementation of negotiated change in the practice setting.This course satisfies the Society & Social Structures Sector for Nursing Class of 2012 and Beyond.

Applied Health Informatics

Catalogue Description: This course is designed to address issues related to the impact of information technology on health care practitioners and consumers of all ages. Students will learn about and gain experience with practical applications of information technology (Access, handheld devices, telehealth, Internet resources) that improve the qualityof health care communication and delivery and facilitate health care research. Class projects include working with clinical databases and evidence based information sources.


Advanced Topics in Health Informatics

This course is designed to survey a broad range of advanced topics in the field of health informatics. Course faculty and invited speakers will provide the content for weekly meetings conducted in a blended environment (both on-line and in the classroom). Each week, students will listen to a lecture and then participate in a group discussion. Approximately half of these lecture/discussion sessions will take place in a a “live” classroom, while the remainder will be available asynchronously in an online setting (i.e. using Blackboard). There will be no textbook, however each speaker will provide links to web-based resources that provide either background information or further elaboration of their topic. A group of students (depending upon size of class, probably 2-3 per topic) will take the lead for each topic, communicating with the speaker and facilitating the class discussion. As a final project, these student groups will also develop a more complete web resource for their selected topic.


NURS651 (Online)
Nursing Informatics

This course is designed to introduce the student to fundamental concepts and issues surrounding technology and information management in today’s rapidly changing health care environment. Emphasis will be placed on defining informatics and the models and theories used in its development. To prepare the student to take a leadership role in information system design and selection the class will study the process of information systems analysis, implementation and evaluation involving functional, organizational and human aspects.