Conference Reimbursement

Every graduate student in the School of Nursing should have the opportunity to attend conferences and remain on the cutting edge of their specialty. GSO is able to reimburse each student up to $250 to assist in covering appropriate conference expenses and fees such as registration, travel, or lodging. 


  • Must be matriculated in a Penn Nursing Graduate Program (full or part time)
  • Active in GSO, for example:
    • Attend meetings
    • Assist in planning programs and events
    • Assist in fundraising
  • Conference must be sponsored by a healthcare organization and should be relevant to the student’s area of study
  • Student is required to present proof of attendance in the form of a presentation to the GSO board or written evaluation of the conference upon return
  • Each student is eligible for reimbursement for one conference per academic year for a maximum of $250
  • Funding is limited, and awards are based on merit and the guidelines listed above


Please submit a copy of the conference brochure and completed form by e-mail to the GSO Board at

  • Include your name, email, and phone number
  • In a Word document, provide the following information
    • Name and date:
    • Academic Program/Graduation Date: 
    • Your Email:
    • Your phone number:
    • Your current address:
    • GSO Involvement (meetings/events attended):
    • Conference name and date of conference:
    • Amount requesting: 
    • Why would you like to attend this conference?
    • Are you presenting at this conference? What is the topic you are presenting?
    • How do you plan on presenting the conference information to your classmates upon your return?
    • Are you receiving additional financial support for this conference? From whom and how much?
  • Requests will be accepted on a rolling basis. All applications must be received at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the anticipated conference to be considered. 
  • If the request is approved, the student must produce their original receipts within two weeks of return from the conference in order to receive reimbursement. Funding will not be reimbursed for late or incomplete receipts.  Email to set up a meeting to go over the online reimbursement system. Students should attach all receipts to the initial email along with a brief description of the conference.
  • The GSO awards committee reserves the right to approve or deny any request based on the guidelines listed