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International Visitors

We welcome international students and scholars to join our community, and offer competitive programs for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as for professional nurses. These programs are non-credit and non-degree, but may include a Certificate of Attendance.

Application process

If you’d like to attend Penn Nursing, please complete the International Visitor’s Application Form (PDF) and email it to

Additionally, please consult the University of Pennsylvania’s International Student and Scholar Services site for detailed international student guidelines and to learn more about obtaining a visa. 

Visiting international undergraduate students

Our program for undergraduate international students is mostly observational. From the end of August through April,
we welcome small groups of students to observe courses in our Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program, including the chance to watch our clinical coursework.

Visiting international graduate students

As part of our effort to foster nursing education around the world, we offer international graduate students a non-matriculating visiting scholar option that is custom-designed for each student.

Acceptance requires a very strong match between the research goals of the applicant and those of the faculty member who will support the student’s work. If you are accepted, you will need to complete at least one year of doctoral education at your home institution before coming to Penn for a year. During your stay, you will develop a research proposal to complete before returning to your degree program.

While here, you will have a faculty mentor, an office space and computer, library privileges, and a University of Pennsylvania email address.

Visiting International Professional Nurses

We welcome our colleagues from abroad to visit us here at Penn Nursing. Those interested in coming to see us for up to a day or two should email to

Housing Options

We do not offer University accommodations for the students, however, below are a few links to accommodations in the area: