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Global Health Minor

The ever-growing threat of pandemics, terrorism, natural disasters, and climate-related challenges has sharpened the need for skilled nurses who understand the global interconnectedness of health. We need nurses who are experienced both clinically and culturally, who are ready to meet the rapidly-changing needs of patients, no matter where they live.

Our program

Available exclusively to Penn Nursing students at both the undergraduate and graduate level, our Global Health minor is an opportunity to increase your knowledge of the world and the factors that contribute to the health of populations. We take a cross-disciplinary approach to help you integrate your knowledge of nursing, culture, and diversity to more effectively engage with patients locally, nationally, and around the world.


This six-course program—three core and three elective—is structured to address the social, cultural, environmental, and political factors that influence health. Students typically declare the Global Health minor in their sophomore year. 


Open to students in full- or part-time Master’s or Post-Master’s study, this three-course concentration builds on three core dimensions of global health: sociocultural influences of health; foundations of global health; and an experiential course, typically including travel in a geographic area of interest to you.