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Forensic Science Minor

To meet the growing need for nurses who are trained to navigate the interface of legal, medical, and mental health care systems, we offer a Forensic Science minor that prepares students to lead in this rapidly evolving field.

Our program

You’ll learn to investigate crimes like physical and sexual assault, as well as accidental death. You’ll be prepared to become a forensic nurse where you’ll use your training in medical evidence collection to work with the criminal justice system as well as the patient. This minor will help you to work in hospital emergency departments and courtrooms alike, to assist victims from the very start of their legal journey through its conclusion.


The minor consists of three core courses: Forensic Mental Health, Victimology, and Forensic Science 1. Through the program, you’ll deepen your skills in such areas as trauma, violence and injury prevention, crime and sexual exploitation, terrorism, stalking, and the behavior of both predators and victims.

There’s also a clinical course requirement, of one unit of directed study.