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  • November 11
    Improving acute pain management after traumatic injury remains a priority for policymakers and clinicians as rates of injury and subsequent pain-related disability rise nationally. Yet, innovations in trauma pain management remain understudied.
  • November 11 Karen Flaherty-Oxler, MSN, RN, GNu’85

    After 38 years of active duty and reserve enlistments, Karen Flaherty-Oxler, MSN, RN, GNu’85 is now leading one of Philly’s largest medical centers—and bringing health care to 60,000 other veterans.

  • November 11 Ellen Dreibelbis
    “My patient, let’s call him Eric, was assigned to me on my first night shift after he was transferred to our unit from intensive care.
  • November 6

    Unique suite of materials developed at Penn Nursing in collaboration with the Rita & Alex Hillman Foundation is available free of charge to all nurses, nursing programs, and health care innovators.

  • November 5

    Obesity increases a number of adverse health consequences including reduced health-related quality of life. But little is known about the relationship between weight loss and changes in quality of life.

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