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  • April 20

    This is the highest honor bestowed by the Mexican Government to individuals and organizations that have stood out for their work in favor of the empowerment of the Mexican diaspora and helped to “open the path” for the new Mexican American and Latino generations.

  • April 20
    “While considering what to write for this post, I kept coming back to a central purpose. In sharing my passions and background, I hope to motivate students to begin pursuing their goals.
  • April 19

    Anthony Scarpone-Lambert, who is graduating in a few weeks, is the first nursing student to win this award. The President’s Innovation Prize was created by University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann to strengthen the University’s commitment to innovation under the Penn Compact 2020.

  • April 19

    Nurses and other clinicians rely heavily upon the electronic health record (EHR) to provide patient care. This includes clinical decision-making, care planning, patient surveillance, medication ordering and administration, and communication with other health care team members. While data show that EHR technology usability can put added burden on clinicians, the relationships between EHR usability and the job outcomes of hospital staff nurses and surgical patient outcomes have not been explored.

  • April 14
    On April 8, 2021, in recognition of International Women’s Day and Sexual Assault Awareness month, the Center for Global Women’s Health and the office of Global Health Affairs presented the Soad Hussein Hassan Global Scholar Lecture featuring Christina Lamb, author of Our Bodies, Their Battlefield:  What War Does to Women.  Christina gives voice to women in conflict, exposing the world’s most neglected war crime— the use of rape in modern warfare as a weapon to humiliate, terrify, and carry out ethnic cleansing.

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