Faculty Mentorship

Mentoring is defined as a dynamic process of providing guidance and counseling for mentees at all states in their academic careers, built on a reciprocal commitment of both mentor and mentee with the assistance of their Department Chair.

Mission, Principles, and Values

The School of Nursing is committed to the recruitment and retention of an excellent and diverse faculty. Penn Nursing provides mentorship for members of the faculty at all levels of their academic career and aims to address goal setting and attainment, teaching, research productivity, clinical responsibilities and publications. It ensures that all faculty members have a full understanding of the School’s mission, strategic plan, and significant policies and procedures, particularly those for reappointment and promotion. It aids with access to resources, priority setting, professional and organizational leadership, networking, advising students and personal career issues.

Definition of Mentorship

Mentorship is a dynamic process of providing guidance and counseling for mentees at all stages in their academic careers. Mentorship requires building a mutually rewarding relationship, proactive participation in the different aspects of the mentee’s academic and professional life, assessment of short-term as well as long-term goals, and continuous evaluation and reevaluation of goals and achievements. The mentor – mentee relationship is predicated on a reciprocal commitment. In the School of Nursing, the mentorship program helps the mentee to establish an agenda for working toward her/his professional development goals and provides the necessary support to achieve his/her goals and gain insight into the realities of building an academic career.