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The mission of the Doctoral Student Organization (DSO) of the University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing is to support and encourage students by engaging in professional and social endeavors which will enhance educational experiences while promoting integrity of character, leadership, and organizational skills.

We organize social events to foster a nursing doctoral student community.

Ice Skating on Penn's Landing - Winter 2016Ice Skating on Penn's Landing - Winter 2016

DSO News

We help fund doctoral students to attend professional conferences.DSO helped fund Stefanie Zavodny to attend and present at the International Meeting for Autism Re...DSO helped fund Stefanie Zavodny to attend and present at the International Meeting for Autism Research in San Francisco, May 2017 

Congratulations to our Newest Doctors

Dr. Guy Weissinger successfully defended his dissertation, “Non-Psychiatric Hospitalization for Patients with Psychotic Disorders: A mixed methods study of hospital outcomes” on March 14.

Dr. Stefanie Zavodny Jackson successfully defended her dissertation, “Depression in Mothers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Mixed-Methods Study of Prevalence, Correlates, and the Lived Experience” on April 1.

Dr. Kara Pavone successfully defended her dissertation, “Evaluating the Effects of a Nurse-led Intervention for Delirium and Pain Management Among Older Adults in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit” on April 12.

Dr. Helen Teng successfully defended her dissertation, “Aging, Health, and Grandparenthood: The Lived Experience of Recently Immigrated Older Chinese Men in the US Healthcare System” on April 24.

Dr. Ellen McCabe successfully defended her dissertation, “Factors Associated with School Nurses’ Self-Efficacy in Provision of Asthma Care and Performance of Asthma Management Behaviors: A Descriptive Cross-Sectional Study” on April 29.

Dr. Amanda Bettencourt successfully defended her dissertation, “The Association Between Nursing and Burn Patient Outcomes,” on May 14.