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Scholarly Project and Mentorship

The DNP leadership team meet with each student individually in the early spring semester of the first academic year and match you with a faculty mentor who is aligned with your area of focus. Additionally, you identify an institutional lead in your organization as related to your project needs to comprise your DNP Project Team.  The DNP leadership team provides guidance to the team.

For more information about the DNP Scholarly Project, please consult the DNP Handbook.

It is not necessary to know your DNP project topic before you apply and, in fact, we expect this to be an iterative process.  As you engage in coursework and explore the literature, we encourage you to be curious and think critically about potential areas for practice change in your organization or specialty. You will be guided in the development of your DNP project in your first project-related course (NURS851).


To view examples of projects by previous DNP cohorts, please visit our Post-Master’s DNP Scholarly Projects page.