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Student Organizations

Get to know Penn Nursing’s diverse student community by joining one of our student organizations devoted to members of underrepresented groups.

Minorities in Nursing Organization (MNO)

MNO is a student-led group created in 2001 to promote cultural awareness in our community and its

APANSA - Asian Pacific American Nursing Student Association

APANSA seeks to resolve the unique challenges, obstacles, and responsibilities specific to Asian Pacific American nursing students, nurses, and the communities they came from.

NSGH - Nursing Students for Global Health

Raising awareness about global health concerns as well as the impact of health disparities on all sectors of our global society, NSGH focuses on scholarship, leadership, and education with a variety of activities such as campus guest speakers, film series, and study abroad opportunities.


NSRH - Nurses for Sexual and Reproductive Health

NSRH is a collaborative, nationwide organization that works to promote women’s health and reproductive rights through advocacy, activism, provider education and training. NSRH welcomes any undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral level nursing student who is interested in ensuring that nurses are fully trained to meet the reproductive health care needs of women and their families.

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