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Inclusivity in the Classroom

We integrate inclusivity into our mission at every level through our teaching, research, and clinical practice.

With courses like Victimology and The Politics of Women’s Health Care, we give students the tools they need to thrive in our ever-evolving society.

A sampling of related courses:


NURS 330: Theoretical Foundations of Health Care Ethics
NURS 333/533: Victimology
NURS 356: Case Study: Culture of Birth


NURS 503: Human Sexuality
NURS 505: Culture and the ‘Isms’ in Health Care
NURS 507: Addressing Health Disparities in Urban Vulnerable Communities
NURS 525: Ethical Aspects of Health and Technology
NURS 588: The Politics of Women’s Health Care
NURS 628: Mental Health and Aging
NURS 644: Health Care in an Aging Society
NURS 688: Complementary/Alternative Therapies in Women’s Health
NURS 708: Public Policy Leadership in the American Public/Private System of Health Care
NURS 818: Doctoral Seminar: Health Care Ethics