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Gun Violence and it’s Impact on Healthcare

“Gun Violence and its Impact on Healthcare,” a panel discussion featuring Dr. Therese Richmond and other experts from the University of Pennsylvania, examines the devastating effect of gun violence in America and its enduring impact on health and healthcare. The discussion was hosted by

Violence and Its Effects on Healthcare Service, Access, and Strategies

Many factors, including need, affect healthcare use. Strategies geared to enhancing the provision and access to healthcare must consider the various mechanisms that contribute to healthcare need and use. Until now, the mechanism of violence and its impact on both health and healthcare use has not been investigated.

Return to Work and the Path to Recovery after Serious Injury in Black Men

After a traumatic injury, returning to work (RTW) can be a strong indication of healing and rehabilitation and may play a pivotal role in promoting physical and functional recovery. But how does RTW after a traumatic injury affect mental health recovery, particularly in individuals who experience social and economic marginalization?