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Humans of Penn Nursing: Luz Elena Pérez Méndez, Nu’22

“I was volunteering in a small rural clinic in the outskirts of Volcán Tajumulco in Tejutla, Guatemala—the village where my parents are from—and witnessed a live birth for the first time. I cried, of course. This single moment allowed me to realize the beauty of life and the incredible process of bringing another life into this world.”

June Treston, MSN, CRNP, GNu’92

“While I was in college in my senior year of nursing school, I was involved in a very emotionally and physically violent relationship. I don’t mean a threat or a slap. I mean having my head repeatedly bashed into a sliding glass door until it broke, and then being pushed out of a car going 60 miles per hour into the middle of a busy highway in Florida. Wow, that sounds awful. Just writing it is hard. But it was an important, transformative event in my life.”

Andre Angelia, BSN, RN, Nu’19

“Sometimes the greatest compliment that you can get when you are a student is from your teacher, but in this case it was someone I had never met before. A rapid response was happening on my unit and I went in to observe.”