Director of the Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Track

Katherine “Katie” Thompson is the Director of the Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Track at the University of Pennsylvania and has over 12 years of teaching experience in both the academic and clinical settings. She has been providing care to children and their families as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in primary care for the last 18 years in the Philadelphia Area. She is currently practicing at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Care Network in Delaware County with a collaborative team of pediatric providers. Her clinical focus is improving access and care to vulnerable children and families. She is also committed to helping her students critically think about all the aspects of health care during their time in the program, continuing to grow critically informed evidence-based practice for child and family health care.

An alumna of the University of Pennsylvania’s Accelerated BSN and Pediatric Primary Care NP programs, Katie has been bringing her “A game” to the pediatric primary care NP students since 2008, advancing to course coordinator for Clinical Management of Primary Care for Young Families in 2015. She is recognized for her exemplary teaching as the recipient of the Marilyn Stringer Academic Practice Award in 2017, awarded to a member of the faculty who “demonstrates and leads the highest quality of evidence-based practice that is integrated in teaching and scholarship and provides leadership in the practice arena,” and the school’s Excellence in Teaching Faculty Award in 2020. Clinically, she was recently awarded “Advance Practice Provider Clinical Leader Expert” for sustained accomplishments at her organizational, regional and local level.

She brings a holistic view of child advocacy to her teaching, her practice, and her community engagement. Her passion for practice excellence and her compassion for the families and children for whom she cares continues to inspire her Pediatric Primary Care NP students and colleagues each and every day. She is an active member of her community; serves on the School District of Haverford Township Wellness Committee, is an active board member of Overbrook Preschool and Kindergarten, an active member of CHOP Primary Care Health Equity working group, and serves on the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Legislative committee.

“My passion for the health and well-being of children and families permeates both my clinical and academic roles. Teaching at Penn Nursing has allowed me to share this passion and help cultivate it in my students.”


  • DNP, LaSalle University, 2022
  • MSN, University of Pennsylvania, 2003
  • BSN, University of Pennsylvania, 2002
  • BS, Creighton University, 1997