Lecturer B

Marco Gidaro started working as an ER nurse in level 1 trauma centers in Los Angeles and Philadelphia. From there, he went to grad school here in Philadelphia for anesthesia and an MSN.

He now has been working as a CRNA for 20 years thus far in a level 1 trauma center, high risk OB and transplant hospital performing all modalities of anesthesia.

Outside of his career, Marco is a proud dad, husband, poker player, foodie and world traveler.

“I see students as blank canvases who are eager to learn our great profession. I am privileged to have the opportunity to teach them and help them be professional and impactful providers. I often tell students that anesthesia doesn’t get easier, rather, they ‘handle hard better’ as they grow and learn.”


  • BSN, Holy Family College, 1994
  • MSN, LaSalle University, 2003