The office of Global Health Affairs held a virtual information session during which a presentation was given on the general information on the global opportunities available for Penn Nursing students. In addition to the general overview, this session focused on Spain (N5350). The presentation hour included a question & answer session with Kirstin Felsmann, BSN ’24 and Alexa Sherr, BSN ’24, who participated in the 2022 program and the course directors Daniel Naveiro and Dominick Osipowicz.

The major aim of this course is to consider health and the health care system dynamically and holistically through a case study of Spain. The course will provide interdisciplinary perspectives on health and the health care system in Spain. Biological and social science perspectives, nursing, demography, economics, and epidemiology will be presented. The didactic portion of the course is designed to engage the student in exploring such key topics as the epidemiology of health and illness in Spain; health system organization, governance, and financing; the health workforce; national health priorities, strategies, and recent reforms. Classroom, clinical and other field experiences are designed to provide students with both a broad overview and specific experiences within the course foci. Visits to schools of nursing and various clinical sites in Spain.

(Cities visited include Barcelona and Pamplona)