Adjunct Professor of Nursing, Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research

Dr. Douglas M. Sloane is a distinguished Adjunct Professor at the UPENN School of Medicine, renowned for his exceptional contributions to the field of medical research and education. With a remarkable career spanning decades, Dr. Sloane has emerged as a leading authority in his area of expertise. His passion for academic excellence and commitment to advancing medical knowledge have earned him the admiration of colleagues and students alike. Throughout his illustrious journey, he has published numerous groundbreaking research papers that have significantly enriched the understanding of various medical conditions. As an educator, Dr. Sloane is deeply committed to nurturing the next generation of medical professionals, imparting his wealth of experience and insights to inspire young minds. With his unwavering dedication to the advancement of medical science and a compassionate approach to patient care, Dr. Douglas M. Sloane continues to shape the future of medicine and leave a lasting impact on the healthcare community.