Ellen and Robert Kapito Endowed Professor in Nursing Science
Professor of Nutrition Science
Chair, Graduate Group in Nursing
Associate Director, Graduate Nutrition Program

A nutrition scientist with training in the study of human ingestive behavior, Tanja Kral’s research focuses on the cognitive, sensory, and nutritional controls of appetite and eating in children and adults and their relevance to obesity.

The goal of her interdisciplinary research program is to use behavioral phenotyping as an innovative approach for the development of personalized obesity prevention and treatment interventions that are tailored to individual predispositions in neurotypical populations and individuals with developmental disabilities.

“I am interested in improving health outcomes of children and adults who are most susceptible to developing obesity.”


  • PhD, The Pennsylvania State University, 2003
  • MS, The Pennsylvania State University, 2001
  • BS, University of Applied Sciences, Münster, Germany, 1998