Assistant Professor Of Nursing

Bonett’s research addresses systems level factors in public health service delivery through community-partnered research that employs implementation science methods within a health equity framework. His background as a public health nurse drives a research agenda that is collaborative and connected to community priorities. Through his work, he aims to improve the environment of care, reduce structural impediments to accessing HIV prevention, and promote health equity.

“Highly effective HIV prevention and treatment modalities exist, but access to these tools is not universal. In other words, our healthcare systems play a hand in creating and maintaining health disparities. Nurses will play a key role in building systems, institutions, and cultures of health that provide for the needs of all people and creating conditions where achieving health equity is possible.”


  • PhD/MA, University of Pennsylvania, 2021
  • BSN, University of Pennsylvania, 2017
  • BS/BA, University of Iowa, 2012