Research Assistant Professor

Halley Ruppel’s primary research interest is the integration of technology into the acute care environment with the goal of optimizing patient safety and clinical outcomes. Advances in healthcare technology have both improved patient care and led to unintended consequences. For example, the proliferation of low-value data and false alarms and alerts in the hospital impedes care and negatively affects patient safety. Excessive uninformative alarms from physiologic monitors have been linked to alarm fatigue, a key patient safety issue. Through her research, Dr. Ruppel seeks to identify practical and sustainable interventions to alleviate information overload and alarm fatigue in the hospital.

“I am passionate about improving patient safety and outcomes by optimizing the use of technology and data in the hospital. This includes mitigating unintended consequences of technology, like alarm fatigue and information overload, and testing innovations that facilitate high quality nursing care.”


  • PhD, Yale University , 2018
  • MS, New York University , 2013
  • BSN, University of Pennsylvania, 2008