Ju (Nancy) Wang is pursuing her PhD in Public Health from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and joined Penn Nursing as a Visiting Scholar in February 2018 under the mentorship of Dr. Jianghong Liu, Associate Professor of Nursing and Associate Professor of Public Health, Perelman School of Medicine. Her research collaboration with Dr. Liu focuses on the effects of environment exposure on children’s health.

Zhigang (George) Xue, a PhD candidate from Peking Union Medical College (Tsinghua University, School of Medicine), joined Penn Nursing as a Visiting Scholar in September 2018. He works with Dr. Charlene Compher, Shearer Endowed Term Professor in Healthy Community Practices; Professor of Nutrition Sciences and Director of Nutrition Programs on a clinical trial testing a nutrition intervention in critically ill patients.

Nancy and George will tell us about their studies and work in China and compare these to what they have observed in the United States.