Director BECCA Lab & Research Associate Professor

In its simplest form, an environmental monitoring problem involves, “given a new monitoring measurement from an environmental monitoring station, what is the probability that measurement represents an effect of some unnatural source?” From a statistical perspective, it is case of statistical prediction. My contribution involves developing statistical methodologies and applying them to solve real-life problems.

Subhash Aryal, PhD is a research associate professor and director of BECCA (Biostatistics * Evaluation * Collaboration * Consultation * Analysis) Lab. He focuses on providing data driven solutions to solve public health problems. His research interest spans multiple domains of public health including epidemiology, behavior and community health and environmental and occupational health.


  • PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago , 2008
  • MS, University of Illinois at Chicago , 2004
  • BS, University of South Alabama, 2001
  • BA, Tribhuvan University, 1994