Assistant Professor, Department of Health Sciences, University of Genoa, Genoa (Italy).

Dr. Catania is an Assistant Professor at the University of Genoa in the Department of Health Sciences, School of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences. He has an 11-year track record of high-quality research with over 30 publications in peer review national/international journals. Prior to his receiving his PhD in 2014, Dr. Catania worked as a bedside nurse in oncology in/outpatient practice setting. In 2006, he began graduate studies in Cancer and Palliative Nursing Care, and followed up with a Master Science of Nursing. His PhD studies focused on developing and piloting a nursing complex intervention on measuring quality of life in patients with palliative care needs. Dr. Catania’s interests include gaining insight how to implement nursing-sensitive patient outcome measures in cancer and palliative care, how staffing level affect nurse and pediatric patient outcomes, and how improving the quality of informed consent process in patients invited to participate in clinical trials studies.


2014 - PhD Nursing Science, Department of Health Sciences - University of Genoa, Genoa (Italy)

2009 - Master Science of Nursing - Faculty of Medicine and Surgery - University of Genoa, Genoa (Italy)

2006 - Master in Oncology and Palliative Care Nursing Care - Faculty of Medicine and Surgery - University of Genoa, Genoa (Italy)