Rachel French, PhD, RN is a fellow in the National Clinician Scholars Program and a postdoc in the Department of Psychiatry’s Center for Mental Health. Her research focuses on determining the best strategies to successfully implement evidence-based practices to improve outcomes for people with substance use disorders. She is also interested in the implementation and evaluation of innovative modalities to provide evidence-based and harm reduction-oriented substance use disorder treatment. Dr. French received her bachelor’s degree at Boston College and her PhD at the University of Pennsylvania at CHOPR where she continues to be involved. She enjoys engaging in research and advocacy to improve care and outcomes for people who use drugs.

Recent Publications

French, R., McHugh, M. D., Aiken, L. H., Compton, P., Meghani, S. H., & Carthon, J. M. B. (2022). Nursing Resources Linked to Postsurgical Outcomes for Patients With Opioid Use Disorder: An Observational Study. Annals of Surgery Open, 3(3), e185.

French, R., Aiken, L. H., Rosenbaum, K. E. F., & Lasater, K. B. (2022). Conditions of Nursing Practice in Hospitals and Nursing Homes Before COVID-19: Implications for Policy Action. Journal of Nursing Regulation, 13(1), 45-53.

French, R., Aronowitz, S. V., Brooks Carthon, J. M., Schmidt, H. D., & Compton, P. (2022). Interventions for hospitalized medical and surgical patients with opioid use disorder: A systematic review. Substance Abuse, 43(1), 495-507.

Clark, R. R., & French, R. (2022). Conflating Race and Genetics Among Newborns With Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. JAMA pediatrics, 176(1), 12-13.

French, R., Favaro, J., & Aronowitz, S. V. (2021). A free mailed naloxone program in Philadelphia amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. International Journal of Drug Policy, 94, 103199