Director, DNP Program
Associate Professor of Sleep & Health Behavior
Clinician Educator & Scientist, Corporal Michael J. Crescenz VA Medical Center

“Imagine a night…when snowfall tucks you in and the evening star kisses you asleep.  Imagine…tonight.” (Ron Gonsalves and Sarah L. Thomson, 2003)

As an advance practice nurse in Pulmonary Medicine, inclusive of a large sleep practice and laboratory, Amy Sawyer discovered that healthy sleep and disordered sleep are amenable to behavioral and pharmacological/device treatments and that nurses have a clear and impactful role to fulfill…to ensure that people understand that sleep is not a disposable activity in our 24/7 society but rather, sleep is a pillar of health that substantially contributes to health and quality of life.

“Through our everyday health behaviors, we can improve sleep quantity and quality; I am committed to improving our management approaches to healthy sleep and sleep disorders.  This not only includes a profound commitment to extending our knowledge about sleep through science, but also translating sleep science to everyday best practices to ensure people ‘sleep well to be well.’”


  • PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 2007
  • MScN, Johns Hopkins University, 1995
  • BSN, Millersville University, 1992