Stacey Bevan is a PhD student at Penn Nursing earning a dual degree in Statistics from the Wharton School. She earned a BS in Biology and International Relations from Tufts University. Her research focuses on the early identification of neurodevelopmental differences in childhood, especially Autism Spectrum Disorder, from a sociological and health disparities framework. She uses an interdisciplinary approach to study young children over time in local and international settings, including Central America and China. In Philadelphia, Stacey is a practicing nurse in pediatric psychiatry. She collaborates in research and clinical projects at Penn, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and community partners on nursing interventions that promote wellness for children and their families. She enjoys lecturing on child psychology, global health, and historical contexts of nursing practice. Stacey is a Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics Associate Fellow, Hillman Scholar of Nursing Innovation and member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing.