Associate Professor, Loretta C. Ford Professorship in Primary Care Nursing, University of Rochester School of Nursing 

Dr. Ying Xue’s research expertise intersects in three areas: nursing workforce, healthcare delivery and outcomes, and vulnerable populations. The overarching goal of her work is to develop empirical evidence to guide national policies to optimize the nursing workforce and to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes, especially among vulnerable populations. Her research has examined the pivotal role of nurses in healthcare delivery and outcomes, including evidence on quality of care and cost-effectiveness. This work encompasses historical and geographical trends in the nursing workforce, especially related to nursing workforce shortages, scope of practice, and workforce diversity, including job satisfaction among racial and ethnic minority nurses. Recent healthcare reforms designed to reduce health inequalities by addressing access to quality care require much-needed research and policy guidance on the optimal role and contributions of nursing to advance these reforms. Dr. Xue’s current research thus focuses on examining the role of nurse practitioners in improving primary care delivery for vulnerable populations. This work includes evaluation of the impact of federal and state regulations and policies on the availability and care delivery of nurse practitioners and access to primary care among vulnerable populations, and examination of the specific roles, tasks, and collaboration among primary care providers, including nurse practitioners, to identify strategies associated with improved efficiency and quality of primary care delivery.


2006 - Postdoctoral Fellow University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

2004 - Doctor of Nursing Science (DNSc) Yale University, New Haven, CT

1998 - M.S., Nursing Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin, China

1994 - B.S., Nursing Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin, China