Hafeeza is a fifth-year PhD student in the Barbara Bates Center for the Study of the History of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. She is also a student in the Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Graduate Certificate Program at Penn. Hafeeza’s program of research focuses on race, nursing and 20th century American healthcare to explicate the unseen forces informing health and health equity in the United States. Her dissertation project, Nursing, Healthcare and Civil Rights: The Mercy Douglass Hospital & Nurse Training School, 1945-1973 uses the story of Mercy Douglass as a case study to examine the interplay between black nursing schools, the nurses they produced, and the communities they served, specifically how they shaped and were shaped by each other, during the desegregation of American healthcare. 

Hafeeza hails from Birmingham, Alabama. Prior to moving to Philadelphia, Hafeeza worked as a peri-anesthesia nurse and Clinical Nurse Educator in New York City. She received a Master’s degree in Nursing from New York University and a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Florida State University. 

To learn more about the history of Mercy-Douglass Hospital School of Nursing, see: https://www.nursing.upenn.edu/live/galleries/47-mercy-douglass-hospital-school-of-nursing