Assistant Professor, Jefferson College of Population Health

Senior Fellow, Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research

Dr. Colin Plover is a health systems researcher, clinical practitioner, educator, social entrepreneur and innovator. His research focuses on improving safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of health systems using multi-method approaches. This involved, in part, the investigation of nurse-patient care allocation optimization and nurse engagement in inpatient settings. He has also engaged in community research. He practices clinically as a medical-surgical nurse and runs a civically minded non-profit in West Philadelphia. Dr. Plover’s work as a researcher, clinician and social entrepreneur provides him with unique insight into the design and intricacies of inpatient and community settings which he translates into the classroom to provide context to course content. Dr. Plover is dedicated to pursuing research and interventions to inform and drive the evolution our healthcare system to one that better serves vulnerable populations. 


PhD, University of Pennsylvania
MSN/MPH, Johns Hopkins University
MSN, Thomas Jefferson University
BSN, University of Pennsylvania